Completion of the Elepap Brain Conference

Having completed 10 years of operation, the Brain Injury Day-Treatment Unit of ELEPAP organized the “2nd Brain Injury Conference: The Holistic Neuropsychological Approach” on March 29-30, 2019, on the Ethniki Asfalistiki Conference Center, in Athens. The conference was realized with the valuable support of Dr Yehuda Ben Yishay and the Head Τrauma Program NYU Langone – Rusk institute under the auspices of the Ministry of Health and the Attica Region.

Internationally acclaimed professionals on the domain of Neuropsychology and Holistic Rehabilitation and Reintegration, such as Dr. Yehuda Ben Yishay (USA), Dr. George Prigatano (USA), Dr. Ellen Daniels- Zide (USA), Dr. Dan Hoofien (Israel), Dr. Mathilde Chevignard (France), Dr. Barbara Wilson (U.K), Dr. Jaana Sarajuuri (Finland), Dr. George Dellatolas (France), Dr. Fofi Constantinidou (Cyprus) as well as scientists from Greece and the team of ELEPAP’s Unit reviewed the therapeutic approaches that are implemented, their outcomes and the challenges that arise in rehabilitation and social integration of patients with acquired brain injury, through lectures, clinical presentations and interactive discussion with the audience.

Brain injuries are considered to be the “silent epidemics” of young people. In Greece, 13.771 people were hospitalized for brain injury in 2012 in public hospitals. 1.592 of the hospitalized individuals were children, 1.275 teenagers, 2.008 young adults (19-29 years old) and 4.529 of them were of productive age (30-55 years old).

The conference was dedicated to the innovative, for Greece, holistic neuropsychological intervention, which is considered internationally the most effective in addressing the long-term deficits of adults and children with acquired brain injuries after their hospitalization. The lack of neuropsychological intervention and consultation for the patients, adults and children after long-term hospitalization, was presented by neurosurgeons, Physiatrists and intensive care director.

The addition of neuropsychological interventions to the multidisciplinary rehabilitation programs of hospital rehabilitation centers and the need for direct referrals, were pointed out by the Scientific Director of ELEPAP, Physician Dr. Maria Pyrgeli.

In particular, the lack of support and guidance for the long-term difficulties of families and “important others” has been highlighted, by hospital doctors and was also very vividly described in the testimony, of the wife of a patient with Traumatic Brain Injury. She commented on the crucial support her husband and the whole family received from the Neuropsychology and Rehabilitation Brain Injury Unit of ELEPAP.

Mrs. Marianna Moschou, President of ELEPAP spoke on behalf of the Minister of Health, Andrea Xanthou, “I would like to thank you for your continuous support and to congratulate you for your contribution to the protection and rehabilitation of people with disabilities in Greece…” She also stressed: “……..Our common goal is to significantly improve the quality of life, and the social integration opportunities, of children, adolescents and adults with acquired brain injury. Also, to inform the general public concerning the “silent epidemic” of brain injury.

For 81 years, ELEPAP is devoted to the provision of rehabilitation services, covering the lack of required, specialized interventions for groups with special needs, such as adults and children with acquired brain injury. I would like to address the trainees in our program and to express my admiration for their everyday efforts, their “whit”, their persistence and the example they set for all of us…”

The work of the Neuropsychology and Rehabilitation Brain Injury Unit of ELEPAP has been recognized as equivalent to centers operating abroad. The Neuropsychology and Rehabilitation Brain Injury Unit of ELEPAP continuous its strives for the neuropsychological rehabilitation and social integration of adults and children with acquired brain injury, for the awareness and engagement of the general public, and the creation of collaborations. A new challenge is the operation of two new Neuropsychology and Rehabilitation Brain Injury Units in the ELEPAP’s branches, in Thessaloniki and Ioannina.

ELEPAP would like to cordially thank:

• Great Sponsor, Onassis Foundation
• Hospitality Sponsor, Ethniki Asfalistiki

The Communication Sponsors:

• Bank of Piraeus


The Neuropsychology and Rehabilitation Brain Injury Unit of ELEPAP operates from mid-2008, employing a team of Neuro-psychologists, specialized in holistic rehabilitation.

Over 100 adults and children have joined the Neuropsychological rehabilitation program of ELEPAP, and have been supported in their re- integration into the roles they wanted. 29.34% of them have found some kind of employment, 7% continued their studies, 17% attend rehabilitation programs, and 42% are retired, so they are in need of a creative/supported/volunteering work framework.

The last five years, students of Universities (Bachelors and Masters) and young professionals are trained in ELEPAP on brain injuries and the Holistic Neuropsychological Approach.

The Neuropsychology and Rehabilitation Brain Injury Unit of ELEPAP actively participates in conferences and surveys, while at the same time it collaborates with rehabilitation clinics and intensive care units in public hospitals. The unit offers neuropsychological assessment to children, treated in the first Hematology and Oncology Clinic of the Children’s Hospital “Aghia Sofia”.

Furthermore, in the context of accidents and brain injuries prevention, a school intervention program is implemented by ELEPAP with the participation of “graduate mentors with Acquired Brain Injuries”.


Unit of Neuropsychological Rehabilitation for Children with Acquired Brain Injury
16, Kononos street, 11634 Athens, 5th floor

Tel.: 210-7227758 Fax: 210 7227757


A few words about ELEPAP

The first social charity in Greece, ELEPAP-Rehabilitation for The Disabled,, has been striving, since 1937, to establish the right of children with motor disabilities and neurodevelopmental problems to maximize their full potential towards self-realization, integration and independence.

ELEPAP’s vision is to continuously improve and develop its services and programs according to international standards. It also works to provide innovative, high-quality rehabilitation services, organized in integrated programs in a safe and family-like environment. In such an environment, children and adults with disabilities are given the best opportunities for independence and goal achievement.

Families find in ELEPAP a trustworthy companion in their long rehabilitation journey. Sharing their fears and hopes, they find acceptance and empowerment. With ELEPAP’s support, they can balance their work, personal, and family demands, as well as find hope and pride as parents.

With the dedication and hard work of its board of directors, professional staff, volunteers and benefactors, ELEPAP continues to support more than 1.000 children and adults in six branches in Athens, Thessaloniki, Ioannina, Chania, Volos and Agrinio. It is a daily struggle to carry on with ELEPAP’s vision of “Life Steps Forward” for integration opportunities and social awareness, ensuring a better future for all children and adults with disabilities in Greece. Today, ELEPAP faces an increased demand on services from families enduring multiple hardships, in dire need of assistance.

Our reward is a smile and the happiness depicted in the eyes of our children, a small achievement in everyday goals such as a touch, a word, a step, or life accomplishments like friendship, university graduation, marriage, athletic awards, living independently. These are all actions and events marking meaningful changes in the lives of our children. Every day our children and adults offer all of us enriching examples of stamina, hard work, resilience and determination.

Their strength to keep going in spite of adversities contributes to social awareness, acceptance and equality in Greek society.


The conference is kindly supported by the Onassis Foundation.

The Communication Sponsors are Piraeus Bank and KATHIMERINI.

The Hospitality Sponsor is Ethniki Asfalistiki.