Dr Mathilde Chevignard, MD, PhD

Doctor Mathilde Chevignard is specialised in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. She has a Master’s Degree in biological and medical sciences (General Physiology; Neurosensory physiology, (1995) and in Neuropsychology; (1998) and a Ph D. in Paris VI Pierre et Marie Curie University; Doctoral School “Brain-Cognition-Behaviour”, under the direction of Pr. Pascale Pradat-Diehl.

She was a Senior assistant / fellowship (in charge of in- and out- patients) in the physical medicine and rehabilitation department of the Pitié-Salpêtriere Hospital, Paris, France, dealing with adult patients who sustained acquired brain injury (2000 – 2003). Since 2003 she is Senior Doctor in the Rehabilitation Department for children with acquired neurological injury in the Saint Maurice Hospitals and since 2017 , a senior MD in the “Adolescents – Young Adults” team of the Outreach team for Children and Adolescents with Acquired Brain Injury, in the Saint Maurice Hospitals

Dr Chevignard is teaching in Masters Degrees in Neuropsychology at the Universities of Angers and Paris 5; in Engineering and Medical Rehabilitation Masters at Sorbonne University; In the National School of Magistrates (judges), Paris (topic: Traumatic Brain Injury; abusive head trauma) and in various University Diplomas, such as “Neuropsychology”, “Childhood Neuropsychology and Learning Disabilities”, “Neuropsychological Sciences”, “Neuropsychological Rehabilitation”, “Traumatic brain injury: Medical and social aspects”, “Child and adolescent traumatic brain injury and Shaken Baby Syndrome” at Universities Paris 5, Sorbonne University, Bordeaux, Angers, Montpellier.

She is participating in the elaboration of national guidelines regarding French clinical practice guidelines for moyamoya angiopathy, 2017 and Guidelines for the diagnosis of Abusive Head Trauma, 2017.

She has a significant number of scientific publication in French and international journals, in book chapters and presentations in conferences. She is a Member (since 2009) and Co-Chair (2012 – 2017) of the SIOP-E (International Society for Pediatric Oncology – Europe) Brain Tumour working group – Quality of Survival sub-group, of the French National Reference Centre for Childhood Stroke (since 2013), of the board of the French Language Neuropsychological Society (since 2018), of the scientific and reviewing committee of national and international conferences (SOFMER, SFERHE for France, ISPNO, IPBIS, ESPRM, EBIS ; WFNR – Neuropsychological Rehabilitation Special Interest Group internationally).